Selle Français, Bay, 1m73, 20 years


Belonging to one of the best French dam lines. A former French National Champion at 3 and 5 years old, a winner in CSIO. He brings size, strength and beautiful gaits. He remains offered at a very reasonable price.

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L' Arc de Triomphe, 61th best Sire of winners according to 2015 WBFSH ranking and 35th best Sire of young horses to ranking SHF 2015 by average profit, Sire of: Qlassic Bois Margot, 34th world best performer in 2015, 2nd GP GCT of Valkenswaard, 2nd at the GP CSI5* of Geneva, 2nd at the GP CSIW of Oslo, 3rd at the GP GCT of London, 4th at the CSIO5* of Lumen, 5th at the GP CSI5*-W of Lyon; Rokfeller de Pleville Bois Margot, 108th world best performer in 2015, 3rd GP CSI4* of Mons Ghlin, 9th at the GP CSI W of Oslo, 10th at the GP CSI W of Verone with E. Alvarez Aznar; Quality du Golf CSI2* with P. Cimolai; Sioux du Godion CSI2* with V. Lefevre; Qrack de la Love, classified in CSI3* with U. Rosenzweig; Seri Pub Création CSI2* with F.X. Boudant; Rafale des Forets winner at the CSI5*-W of Leipzig, 2nd at the GCT of Shanghai, 2nd at the CSI5*-W of Bordeaux with P. Schwizer; Queffelec Drop CSI3* and CSIO Junior with Mr. Moissonnier.
Also in CCI: Romantic Love ranked 180th WBFSH 2015, Victorious CIC3* le Pouget, 2nd of the CICO3* of Fontainebleau, 3rd at the CCI3* of Bramhan with G. Fer; Ruby des Islots 5th at the CIC2* with L. San Nicolas; Vitality du Valavan victorious CCI1* with T. Carlile; Unanyme du Loir World championship of the Young Horses 2015 with JM. Favereau; Tempo de Kergane CCI2* with Q. Faucheur; Quiro Hoy CICO3* with T. Carlile; Texane de Maillet CCI1* with O. Hillereau
Among his indiced products in France: Valmack des Abbayes ISO 145(15) 6-year-old finalist; Upsylonn du Ter, ISO 144(15); Urtimack des Abbayes, ISO 143(15); Quartz of Chanu, n°1 of the fathers of young horses in 2015.
Spirée has 16 other products as Enzo du Reverdy (Papillon Rouge sf), Stallion, ISO 156(03) ; Idéal du Reverdy (Papillon Rouge sf), CSI3*, ISO 149(10). This dam line is ranked 10/10 in the Selle Français studbook with several international winners.


In 2006 he was 3rd of the 2-year-old French Championship, then crowned Supreme Champion of the 3 years Sire selle Francais in St-Lô in 2007.
Finalist in Classical Cycle at 4 years, in 2009, with Stéphane Delaveau, 16 times clear out of 20 tests. He is crowned 5-year-old Champion, “Elite”.
Finalist at 6 years in Fontainebleauhe ended 6th, “Excellent” and 2nd of the Master of the Sires in St-Lô.
In 2011, he was ranked in CSI shows at 7 years: 2nd of the GP 1m40 in Maubeuge, 1st and 6th in Auvers, 6th in Vichy, 7th in Dinard… He was also classified in CSI 1m30-1m35: 3rd in Verquigneul, 1st and 3rd in Le Touquet, 4th in Auvers. He is finalist of the Grand Criterium and the French Championship of 7-year-old.
In 2012, 5th GP 1m35 in Le Touquet and 6th in Verquigneul, 6th of the GP 1m45 in Le Touquet, 6th of a 1m35 CSI2* of Metz, 9th of a 1m50 CSI3* of Vichy
In 2013, with N. Delmotte, he was ranked in international 1m45 classes: winner at the CSI2* of Chantilly, 2nd at the CSIO3* of Drammen, 3rd at the CSIO3* of Copenhagen… and 4th at the GP in Auvers, 6th in Fontainebleau. Being injured he want back to showjumping with the Junior rider Audrey Paris, he ended 5th of a 1m30 and 3rd of a GP 1m35 CSI1* of St-Lô before stopping his sport career.
ISO 148(10)


Sire of young horse winners and finalists in Fontainebleau :
-Ventiane Quinhon ISO 138(18),
-Vici Jem Liberty ISO 120(18),
-Venise Nat ISO 123(14),
-Val de Seves ISO 120(14),
-Ugine de Breuil, 19th of the 6 years free Cycle, ISO 117(14),
-Une Idole des Monts ISO 116(14),
-Urca d' Or ISO 136(13), champion of the 5 years CIR in Cluny, 1st of the SHF ranking in 2013 and carries out 20 clears out of 20,
-Utopy des Loges ISO 115(12).
-Bouree de St Simeon ISO 128 (18) winner of the CSIYH1* in Auvers, Fontainebleau and Sacourt,
-Berenice de Falaise ISO 132 (18) winner of the CSIYH1* in Auvers and Fontainebleau.

Also sire of good winners in eventing :
-Ultra QuoolDipo ICC 118(15),
-Vent du Bois de Ville ISO 129(18), 10th of the Free the Cycles Championship CEC 3rd year, ICC 120(15),
-Arwenn d' Herbourg ICC 121(15),
-Brise du Peynac ICC 118(15)…

Uzéa de l’Etre, French Vice-Champion of the foals 2008 then Vice-Champion of 2 year old France in 2010, mare.
-Cool de l’Aume, 2nd of the regional competition 3 years in Saint Lô with the best grade at the free jumping with 16.75/20 .
-Bloom de Mons was sold 45,000 € in Fences Auction

 He passes size, scope and a good temperament.



Geboren uit één van de belangrijkste Franse bloedlijnen, een winnaar CSIO. Hij vererft maat, massa en een zeer goed karakter.

Zijn eerste zevenjarige nakomelingen hebben het goed gedaan op de klassieke cyclussen. Aangeboden tegen een zeer redelijke prijs.

Technische onkosten zijn altijd 350 € exclusief BTW + 600 €