NINTENDER - étalon/stallion -

KWPN, Dark bay, 1m70, 21 years

NINTENDER - étalon/stallion -

Nintender is the ultimate modern sport stallion: he combines a flawless pedigree with a high-level track record. He is already ranked among the top 100 sires worldwide thanks to his young progeny! He brings elegance, range and an outstanding rideability which make him a top stallion to breed with.

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Booking fee : 350 €
Pregnancy fee : 850 €

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▶ License : SF, Old, SWB, DWB, West, Z
▶ X-ray score :
more than 15 years - WFFS : Génotyp N / N

Grades for breeding (from 1 for a few to 5 for a lot) :
SIZE : 4   LENGTH : 3   CHIC : 5  
BLOOD : 4   SCOPE : 3   BONES : 3

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Nintender is de moderne sport hengst: hij combineert een bijna perfecte pedigree met een indrukwekkend palmares. Hij staat reeds in de top 100 van beste hengsten over de hele wereld dankzij zijn jonge nakomelingen. Hij brengt elegantie en uitstekende rijeigenschappen waardoor hij een tophengst is om mee te fokken.


 Namelus R, is Vice-champion of the KWPN approval and obtained the index of 152 at the jumping part. He was wounded at 6 years which deprived him of competition. His offspring brought him back on the front of the scene where he is now classified for 7 years in the world TOP 100. Resulting from the interesting crossing of Concorde and the stallion Joost that we find in the dam line of Mr Blue, Clover Hill or also Northern Dancer, then of the PS Stallion Abgar who is one of best father and grandfathers of winners of the KWPN.
We can find among his best offspring: Triple X, team gold medal at the Olympic Games in London 2012 with Ben Maher then CSI5* with Tiffany Foster for Canada; H&M Christian K - JEM TRYON 2018 with Peder Fredricson, 2nd of the GP 160 at the CSIO5* of Rotterdam, de Faltersbo ; Bellinda, classified in 1m50 and 1m60, 2nd of a 1m55 at the CSI5* of Calgary, 6th at the GP 160 of the CSI5* of Calgary ; Captain Cooper, 1st of the GP 160 at the CSIO5* of Dublin; Cadalora, 4th of the GP 160 of the CSI5* in Wellington ; Ub One, Captain Cooper, Ventje… all performers in 1m60 tests.
He is the father of the sallion Artos R Champion of Kwpn, Tolan R sold 240.000€ and Nintender, Top Price of the PSI Sales for 500.000€.
K-Nambia, CONTENDER’s daughter - ranked 43th better sire of winners in Jumping and 24th in the Eventing on world plan WBFSH in 2017.
Mare also of:
S. Nambia 56, CSO 1m60 with the American rider Kyle King.
Vegas 55, CSO 1m45.
Reno 55, approved stallion.
She belongs to a very good Holsteiner line, the stam 1907, which produced the approved stallions as Consul and Collino, as well as the World Cup Winner, Anka, Marcus Ehning’s horse. His great grandmother Natalia is the proper sister of Fiorello.


CHAMPION of the Oldenburg stallion in 2004 with 10/10 for his jumping ability.
Victorious of 12 tests for young horses at 6 and 7 years old, Top Price of the PSI Sales at 7 years old in 2009 for 500 000 €, he went to Denmark and to Sweden.
Competing with his new owner in CSI2* and 3*, he is ranked up to 150 level between the breeding seasons! He still competing in 2018!


▶  RANKED 72th in the 2017 WBFSH WORLD STALLION RANKING, he has now 12 of his offspring present in the Jumping ranking and 4 in Eventing, among them:
Dingeman, CSI under the saddle of the Mexican Santiago Lambre, Victorious of the GP 160 at the CSI3* of Lexington, 13th of the GP CSI5* in Wellington,
Ninloubet CSI under the saddle of the Mexican Antonio Chedraui, 4th in the GP 155 at the CSI4*, 10th of the GP CSIO5*, 3rd of the Nations Cup of Coapexpan…
Ninyon, CSI under the saddle of the Swiss Janika Sprunger and of the Taiwanese Jasmine Chen, 5th on 150 test at the CSI3* of Megève, 2nd on 150 test at the CSIO5* of St Gall…
Nashville HR under the saddle of the German Jan Wernke, he ended 4th in a GP 150 at the CSI2* of Verden, 2nd of the 155 at the CSI4* of Large Viegeln, 3rd of a 155 test with the CSI5*W of Stuttgart…
• And Ninou 2, Nintara, Nindoxello, N’oubliez jamais, Cintender, Ninparo, Take Me 2 and Nickoletta E, all classified WBFSH.
In Eventing:
RSH Contend Or with Felicity Collins, CCI3* of Bleinheim, Cappoquin…
• Also: Nimrod II with Francis Whittington, 10th of the CCI3* of Brahmam, Night Line CIC3* U25, Carter 3rd of the CIC3* of Sopot, all classified WBFSH.
In France he has 15 recorded products, 12 of them have an index in Jumping and Eventing. Among them, Nappa Valley ISO 150 with Nicolas Delmotte.
Nintender was in Germany then to Sweden where he had been at stud for the last 3 breeding seasons.
 Nintender produces only bay brown horses - free WFFS
 Stud-books of approval: SF, Old, SWB, DWB, West, Z