The horse morphology - Geometry

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The morphology of a horse is his external physical description. It includes the description of his general appearance, makes it possible to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses.
The desirable zones (green zones) defined by Program PAX are carried out compared to stallions of Jumping
The horses whose characteristics are in this zone have, all things being equal, more facility to perform than the others. It doesn’t mean that a horse which is not in this zone, will not be a champion (many counterexamples exist), but it is easier and more comfortable for a horse to perform if its characteristics are in the “green zone”.
For the offspring of the same crossing, the characteristics of a product generally are between the two parents’ ones and the distribution is done around the average according to a Gauss curve (yellow Curve which represents the probability of distribution of the foal to be born characteristics).


The horse must be positioned in balance, stopped on a leveled area.

Two vertical lines:
- Point of the shoulder (vertical foreleg)
- Point of the croup (vertical hindleg)

The measures taken are:
- Size at the top of the withers (4th thoracic vertebra)
- Size at the sacro-iliac junction
- Overall length between the point of the shoulder and the point of the croup

The rectangularity facilitates the trajectory, but with excess it makes balance more difficult to manage.
A rising silhouette facilitates balance, but in excess it asks more efforts on the back hand.

You can find explanatory videos on the PAX program Website (while clicking on assistance in each corresponding characteristic)

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