Kannan, always more powerful!



From his 27 years, KANNAN is in an incredible form while posing with the members of the board direction of the GFE on February 22nd.
After 9 consecutive years in world Top 12, our champion “doesn’t release anything”!

Between January 21st and 24th, the sire’s offspring of the GFE added up 251 rankings in international tests, 38 were for KANNAN’s one!

Tradition de la Roque won the GP CSI 5* of Wellington with Mc Lain Ward and the breeding of Alexandrine and Michel Hécart carries out doubled with Vintadge de la Roque: winner of the GP CSI3* of Carmona with Guillaume Batillat!










01/03/2019 - KANNAN*GFE - stallion/étalon -