Quabri de lIsle (Kannan) on the way to Rio ?

Quabri de l'isle 

Quabri de l'Isle and Pedro Veniss have done a incredible Calgary CSIO !


Incredible in a first time by Scott Brash’s performance : faultless twice, he won the GP and the Rolex Grand Slam with the super bonus of 1.000.000 € price money !


Incredible in a second time by Quabri and Pedro’s performance, surely the best couple of the week end !

Faultless twice on Saturday in the Nations Cup that they won with the Brazilian team, the couple is faultless twice again (actually one overtime penalty point !) in the very tough Grand Prix on Sunday. 4 huge rounds in 2 days and no pole down on the ground!

After their chocolate medal at the Pan American Games for a little fault before the finale, the son of KANNAN and his Brazilian rider seem to set up a strong asset in Brazilian team, which is going to take part to the Olympic Games in their country, in less than one year time.







29/09/2015 - Divers