Pax Grafic Presentation



The Pax Graphic is a program which helps the breeder for crossing his mares with the most compatible stallion.

Designed and carried out by the Group France Elevage in collaboration with the CIRALE (Research and Imagery Center on the Equine Locomotive Affections).

Its goal is to help with the observation and the description of a mare the most objectively possible. It has 21 criteria, noted with half points from 1 to 4 (this notation is not a judgement, it is only the reflection of the objective characteristics of your mare):
• 11 morphological criteria (evaluated by measurements directly on the mares)
• 3 criteria of locomotion (evaluated visually or by discussion with the rider or the breeder)
• 4 criteria of aptitude for the jump (evaluated by discussion with the rider or the breeder)
• 3 criteria of behavior

All our stallions are noted on these 21 criteria, according to their particular characteristics when they are young, then of those which they transmit when their offspring are known.

The program gives you the opportunity to evaluate your mares on the criteria which you can evaluate and to choose one stallion or more to compare their compatibility; it will make you a graphical presentation for each criterion of the probable results of the foal resulting from the crossings considered.

• Better is worth not evaluate a criterion rather than to enter a wrong note and thus to distort the result. The program will make you a restitution on the criteria and the others are neutralized.
• The PAX program works with an algorithm
• Better is worth to exaggerate a note towards one of the two extremes to obtain the stallion which ameliorates the maximum the selected criterion
• It is advised to wait the end of the growth to characterize the morphology and the locomotion (minimum 3 years)














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