Clooney 51 (CORNET OBOLENSKY) and Martin Fuchs won the GP 160 World Cup in Lyon CSIW5*.
Cornetta 13 (CORNET OBOLENSKY) and Christian Rhomberg were placed 4th in the GP 160 in Liège CSI4*.
Captain Keen (CORNET OBOLENSKY) and Jean Luc Mourirer were placed 3th of a 150 test in Lyon CSI5*.
Cahil (CORNET OBOLENSKY) is Holstein Champion !

Uriel d'Amaury (KANNAN) and Christophe Le Garrec won a GP Pro Elite 150 in Pontivy.
Twix de la Roque (KANNAN) and James Smith ended 7th of a 150 test in Vilamoura CSI3*.

Nashville HR (NINTENDER) and Jan Wernke were placed 3rd in the GP 155 in Oldenburg CSI3*.
Ninyon (NINTENDER) and Jasmine Chen finished 5th in the GP 150 in Vilamoura CSI3*.

Skyhorse (CALVARO) and Lillie Keenan finished 10th of a 155 test in Lexington CSIW4*.
Calvaro's Up To Date (CALVARO) and Louise Simpson were ranked 4th in the GP 150 in Vilamoura CSI3*.
Twenty Clary (CALVARO) and Hans Dieter Dreher were ranked 3rd in a 150 in Liège CSI4*.
Uma (CALVARO) and Morgan Bordat won a 145 test in Lyon CSI2*.
Santiago de Blondel (CALVARO) and Manuel Fernandez Saro were ranked 5th in a 145 in Vilamoura CSI3*.

Keoki (CATOKI) and David Blake were ranked 3th in the GP World Cup 160 in Lexington CSIW4*.

Alfa Jordan (AIR JORDAN) and Max Kühner finished 9th in a 150 in Lyon. CSIW5*

Timon d'Aure (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Alexis Deroubaix were ranked 2nd in the GP 160 in Lyon CSIW5*.
Bingo du Parc (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Gerfried Puck were ranked 3rd in the GP 160 in Liege CSI4*.
Utopie Villelongue (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Max Thirouin were ranked 5th in the GP 160 in Liege CSI4*.
Tino La Chapelle (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Juan Jose Zendejas were ranked 4th in a 150 in Monterrey CSI3*.
Vertigo du Desert (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Luciana Diniz were ranked 6th in a 150 in Lyon CSIW5*.
Utahmano Alu (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Hugo Breul finished 9th of a 150 test in Lyon CSIW5*.

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