Utamaro Alu (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Hugo Breul were ranked 5th in the GP 160 in St Tropez CSI4*.
Atome des Etisses (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Laurent Goffinet finished 8th in a 150 in St Tropez CSI4*.

Baladine du Chanu (KANNAN) and Charlotte Bettendorf were ranked 4th in the GP 160 in St Tropez CSI4*.
Bigstar (KANNAN) and Felipe Ramos Guinato were ranked 2th in a 150 in Vilamoura CSI3*.
Vintadge de la Roque (KANNAN) and Dominique Hendrickx finished 5th in a 150 in St Tropez CSI4*.

Checker 47 (COMME IL FAUT) and Frederick Troschke were ranked 6th in the GP 145 in Oliva CSI2*.
Luettinghofs Charlie Harper (COMME IL FAUT) and Angelica Augutsson were ranked 2nd in a 145 in Opglabbeek CSI2*.
Candy Day (COMME IL FAUT) and Michael Witlschier finished 10th in a 140 in Oliva CSI1*.

Gringo de Bresme (CONTENDRO)

Selle Français stallion approval selection: 

In Saumur:
2 yo: Hattaturk de Hus (KANNAN) is 1st, Hokkaido de Menjo (EXCALIBUR DELA TOUR VIDAL) is 2nd and Hyken de Menjo (UNTOUCHABLE) is 8th.
3 yo: Gracieux d'Osmont (JADIS DE TOSCANE) is 1st, Gatsby de Gevaudan (CORNET OBOLENSKY) is 3rd, Gandolphin (CORNET OBOLENSKY) is 5th and Griffon Ochene (CORNET OBOLENSKY) is 6th.

In Barbaste:

2 yo: Hoover du Hus (CORNET OBOLENSKY) is 7th, Hopefull Menjoulet (VLEUT) is 9th and Hashtag des Tuilières (CORNET OBOLENSKY) is 10th.
3 yo: Good Luck Montagne (KANNAN) is 3rd.

In Lamotte Beuvron

2  yo: Hannibal du Lys (UNTOUCHABLE) is 5th, and Hello de Chalusse (CANDY DE NANTUEL) is 7th.
3 yo: Gringo de Bresme (CONTENDRO) is 3rd.

Uschka du Tassier (AIR JORDAN) and Paul Delforge were ranked 4th in a 150 in St Tropez CSI4*.

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