Flipper d'Elle




Bohème de la Roque (KANNAN) and Marie Hécart were placed 4th at the GP 145 in Oliva CSI2*.
Brisbane des Salines (KANNAN) and Guillaume Batillat were placed 3rd in a 145 test in Valence CSI2*.
Toupie de la Roque (KANNAN) and Julien Epaillard were placed 2th in a 145 test
in Oliva CSI2*.

Quidich de la Chavée (PRÉSIDENT) and Filippo Marco Bologni won a 145 in Verona CSIW5*.
Unique d'Elbe (PRÉSIDENT) and Mathilde Cruchet were placed 10th in a 145 test in Vilamoura CSI3*.

Calvaro's Up To Date (CALVARO) and Louise Simpson were ranked 4th in a 150 test in Vilamoura CSI3*.
Calvina (CALVARO) and Lorenza O'Farrill ended 8th in a 150 test in Monterrey CSI3*.

Utopie Villelongue (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Max Thirouin were ranked 6th at the GP 155 in Opglabbeek CSI3*.
Bellini Dufaure de L (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Charles Henri Ferme were ranked 2nd of the GP 145 in Oliva.

Bibici (NORMAN PRE NOIR) and Gregory Cottard were ranked 2nd of a 145 test in Le Mans CSI2*.

Hello Vincent (CONSUL DL VIE) and Scott Brash ended 10th in a 150 test in Verone CSIW5*.

Taiwan du Landey (FLIPPER D'ELLE) and Alessandra Volpi were ranked 3rd in a 150 in Thermal CSIW3*.
Hero van Heiste (FLIPPER D'ELLE) and Brecht Goossens were ranked 2nd in a 145 in Opglabbeek CSI3*.

Nintender Star (NINTENDER) and Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli were ranked 3rd in a 145 test in Opglabbeek CSI3*.

Australia (AIR JORDAN) and Timothée Anciaume finished 5th in a 145 test in Le Mans CSI2*.

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