Chipmunk (CONTENDRO) and Michael Jung and Corrida (CONTENDRO) and Andreas Dibowski are team gold medal at the ECC Luhmühlen European Championship !
Chipmunk (CONTENDRO) and Michael Jung are also individual silver medal !

Identity Vitseorel (AIR JORDAN) and Christophe Vanderhasselt were ranked 7th in 155 in Brussels CSI5*.

Ninyon (NINTENDER) and Jasmine Chen were ranked 5th in a 155 in Brussels CSI5*.

Totem de Brecey (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Christopher Six were ranked 4th in individual and team in the European Championship in Luhmühlen.
Vertigo du Desert (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Luciana Diniz won a 150 in Gijon CSIO5*.
Truman (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Amy Millar were ranked 3rd in a 160 in Bridgehampton CSI4*.
Alcazar du Moulin (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Marie Etter Pellegrin were ranked 8th in a 150 in Valence CSI4*.
Tolede de Mescam (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Tony Cadet won the GP 145 in Auvers CSI2*.

CICAVE DU TALUS and François-Xavier Boudant were ranked 5th in the GP 140 7yo in Auvers CSI2*.

Prinz Claus (CORNET'S PRINZ) and Matthias Mock were ranked 5th in the GP 145 in Ising Am Chiemsee CSI2*.

Vintadge de la Roque (KANNAN) and Dominique Hendrickx won a 150 in Brussels CSI5*.
Bahia de Mars (KANNAN) and Patrice Delaveau won a 145 in Valence CSI3*.
Uppsala Del Cabalero (KANNAN) and Tony Cadet won a 145 in Auvers CSI2*.
Molly Malone (KANNAN) and Bertram Allen were ranked 7th in a 150 in Brussels CSI5*.
Monet van de Begijnakker (KANNAN) and Frédéric Bouvard finished 8th in the 8 yo 145 GP in Brussels CSI5*.
Bakogan de St Jean (KANNAN) and Claricia Brinkop finished 9th in the 8 yo 145 GP in Brussels CSI5*.


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