KANNAN ... and the others

 Kannan Molly Malone V

More than 150 international ranks and about 50 in the top 3 this week-end have been achieved by the offspring of those GFE Stallions !

This week, KANNAN is burning the record:

  • Molly Malone V wins the Grand Prix CSIO 5* in Lummen(BE) with Bertram Allen.
  • Quannan R wins the Grand Prix CSI 3* inEbreichsdorf(AUT) with M. Bettinger.


Moreover, KANNAN’s offspring win 7 classes thanks to : Pimm’s Du Coty & Lara Postillon in Lummen (BE); Zoe II & Lorenzo De Luca, Silkanna& S. Stangelova, Virtual Dancer & S. Bistan in Ebreichsdorf (AUT); Toundra de la Roque & Marie Hécart, Princesse du Fruitier &t M. Soulier in Fontainebleau (FR).


The "GFE" offspring won 13 others classes thanks to:

  • CONTENDRO I with Cortina &Castella 54 in Linz (AUT).
  • CALVARO with Romeo St Denis in Fontainebleau (FRA) & Gasper van den Doornin Lummen (BE).
  • ORLANDO with Gloria in Ebreichsdorf (AUT).
  • NUMERO UNO with Charley in Ebreichsdorf (AUT).
  • LUX Z with Tobias in Madrid (ESP).
  • MR BLUE with G and C Blue in Madrid (ESP) (Plot Blue was 2nd of the GP Global Champions Tour), Ultra Blue J in Lummen (BE), in Maubeuge(FRA): Victor Blue and Quastor de la Vallée.
  • AIR JORDAN with Arno vhScheefkasteel Z inLummen (BE).


This leads to a total of 23 victories (including 3 of the 6 Grand Prix !) solely in the CSI and CSIO of Lummen (BE), Madrid (ESP), Maubeuge (FR), Ebreichsdorf and Linz (AUT), Fontainebleau (FR).


This means that over 1 class out of 6 was won by an offspring of one of the GFE Stallions!


We can also see the good results of VATSON SITTE ranked twice in Madrid CSI2* and NECTAR DES ROCHES, 3rd of the Grand Prix 2* in Fontainebleau.


Have a look at his video by clicking below:





06/05/2014 - Divers