Grades attribution and aims



The use of graphic Pax allows the breeder to isolate a group of stallions having a good compatibility with his mares or, downstream from this choice, to check its relevance.

The attribution of the notes can be made visually or using measurements (cf table below).

The nonwell informed criteria will not be taken into account.

You can refer to the data sheet of guide PAX while clicking on the name of each criterion; in case of doubt between two notes, you can use the half-time ones.

Allot notes only to the criteria which you can evaluate! It is better anything to put to give to the program erroneous information. The not noted criteria are neutralized and are not taken into account in calculations.

You will be able constantly to reconsider a criterion to change the note.

But the PAX graphic has its limits… It does not take in account:
• Genealogy and the “mixture of bloods”
• Coat color, prices… nor the feeling of the stockbreeder who remains a crucial factor of the choices.
• The criteria or our standards mark more than others (like if its mare marks its foal on a criterion).
It is thus important also to refer to the stallion page in our website.















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