A large offering of straws from numerous GFE stallions - and from KANNAN in particular – is currently flourishing on various auction sites and social networks.

In addition to the fact that it is possible to obtain these very same straws from the GFE, along with all the necessary guarantees of origin, storage and fertility that are useful to breeders, we would like to draw the attention of buyers to the fact that, while some straws may legitimately belong to their sellers, this is unfortunately not always the case!

Several such actions are currently underway, and honest buyers are at risk of finding themselves involuntarily carried away in unexpected complications.

In order to limit this risk and obtain reliable information regarding the quality of the straws offered in this way, it is strongly recommended that sales intermediaries and buyers request a minimum of transparency and traceability from sellers by asking for the following information before completing their purchase:

- A precise description of the straws including information about the colour, the production centre, the date and the reference number of the ejaculation from which they originate.
- A copy of the original health transport document which must accompany any straw when changing storage location.
- A copy of the European health certificate which is now required for the movement of straws between Member States.
- Proof of purchase by the seller from the previous owner of the straws that are offered for sale.


Extreme caution should be exercised when dealing with sellers who refuse or are unable to provide such documents.

This advice applies to KANNAN but also applies to all other stallions whose straws are auctioned in defiance of health rules, minimum elements of traceability and rules of good conduct in terms of storage and transport.


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09/05/2020 - Divers