Contendro's son was the Top price at the Fences auctions

Family Affaire par CONTENDRO

Family Affaire


The first generation of CONTENDRO I was presented during the FENCES auctions 2019. Let us remind that his first offspring since his arrival in France are 3 years old this year and the buyers appreciated his high-quality offspring.

Claas de la Jasse Z (CONTENDRO I x Chatman), Flash de Talma (CONTENDRO I x Baloubet du Rouet), Frimeur d’Altenbach (CONTENDRO I x Paladin des Ifs) inaugurated the sales before Family Affaire raised the bids!

Indeed, Friday evening for the Top Price 2019 came out the 3 years son of CONTENDRO (x Corofino) presented by Mrs. Henriette Evain will join the British stables of Sir John Hales for 100.000€ after a beautiful bids-battle where each bidding was said at the last moment.

Saturday evening 2 products of CONTENDRO I were presented: a foal and a 3 years old. The foal Indiana Jones (CONTENDRO I x Arc de Triomphe) was sold 20,000 € and Fangio Lily (CONTENDRO I x Heartbreaker) will be acquired for 47,000 €.

Congratulations to all the stockbreeders who trusted CONTENDRO I, these results are really satisfying for a first generation born in France.


Fangio du Lys par CONTENDRO
Fangio du Lys


Frimeur d'Altenbach par CONTENDRO
Frimeur d'Altenbach


Indiana Jones par CONTENDRO
Indiana Jones


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06/09/2018 - CONTENDRO I*GFE