New record with more than 250 winners for the GFE!


They were 251, from the GFE stallions list to be illustrated during the Easter weekend on the international scene.

This time it was CALVARO that was at the top of the ranking with 23 winners, in front of KANNAN and CASALL (with 18 each one) then BALOU DU ROUET with 14 winners.
That represents 79 podiums and 30 victories in international classes !!

The prize list returns to Unanime des Forets (PEZETAS DU ROUET) with 3 victories out of 3 jumpings associated with Louis Bouhana, then Verone de la Roque (KANNAN) and Harold Boisset, Australia and Identity Vitseroel both AIR JORDAN's daughters with Timothee Anciaume and Christophe Vanderhasselt, Uma (CALVARO), Stella Lyght (KANNAN), Ruben LS (REBOZO LA SILLA), ...

A weekend as we like them!





17/04/2018 - CALVARO*GFE