The tree that hides the forest : Amira wins the Hambourg GP Mercedes

Air Jordan

Amira, the new rising star of Pius Schwizer, win the Mercedes coupé as a gift in the Hambourg CSI5* GP Mercedes winner !
Air Pia and Daniel Deusser had 4 points penalties in the same classe.


Thanks to Air Chin and Katharina Offel’s high performances in the Z Tour, there is plenty of good results showing up the quality of AIR JORDAN’s progeny.

In the Palaiseau GP 2*, Air Jonhsen and Isabelle Storm are 8th ; in Le Touquet Australia and Timothée Anciaume win fame in the little GP finishing 7th. In the Le Mans GP1*, Surya de Pluvinel and Brice Barba are 5th. Alice Mury Marais Z wins one classe in the Fontainebleau CSI, after she already won one in Lanaken.


We can find out some very good performers in 7yo offspring:

April Mury Marais Z, Ugo Germiney and Uschka du Tassier caught attention in the Fontainebleau CSI and in the same time Identify Vitseroel shines in Le Touquet and Maubeuge. The 6yo French Vice-Champion, Uneven Sunheup is 2nd in the Betton GP.








27/09/2015 - AIR JORDAN*GFE