More and more AIR JORDAN's offsprings at the international level


Its production is more and more regularly distinguished in the young horses’ classes in as at the international. AIR JORDAN’s daughter, Identity Vitseroel still performs and is always on competitions. After its festival in the CSI *** of Villach Treffen in February, it is this weekend at Lanaken where we find her again. Under the saddle of the Belgian rider Christophe VANDERHASSELT, the couple ended 4th at the qualificative class and finishes on the second rank of the podium of the GP 145 the following day!

April Mury Marais Z and Alice Mury Marais Z (resulting from two different strains!) associated to Patrick Mac Entee made their come back to the competition by making 8 faultless and 3 victories!

In Cagnes sur Mer, Australia and Timothée Anciaume won a 140 class in CSI 2*.

In France, its first 5 years old generations are pointed out in the breeding classes as for example Diego Tame, Dairzel Duverie or Darkhorse Brimbelles and Darkvador des Forets.

Below the course of Identity Vitseroel in the 145 Grand Prix:

20/04/2018 - AIR JORDAN*GFE